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Lodging Hotel: Zhongguan Xinyuan

Participants will be accommodated in a guest hotel of Peking University: Zhongguan Xinyuan, with the webpage: http://www.pkugv.com/. The price will be of 388-598 RMB per day for each room. The fee will be paid in cash (RMB, 1 US Dollar = 6.8 RMB)) or by credit card upon arrival at the hotel.

The address of the hotel is: Zhongguan Xinyuan Hotel of Peking University, No.126 Zhong-guan-cun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100871, China. Tel: 0086-10-62752288.

(A) Standand double room (two beds) in Building No.1, Price=598 RMB/night

(B) Single room (one queen-size bed) in Building No.1, Price=598 RMB/night

(C) Standand double room (two beds) in Building No.9, Price=458 RMB/night

(D) Single room (one queen-size bed) in Building No.9, Price=388 RMB/night

Numbers of reserved rooms: A=54, B=6, C=20, D=40. Among them, the condition of Building No. 1 is a little better than that of Building No. 9.

Please register your preference at the registration page. If you have other special request on hotel arrangement at PKU, please write directly to qwg2017@pku.edu.cn with your preference.

Transportation to Zhongguan Xinyuan

There are three major terminals of Beijing Airport and also three major railway stations. So the ways we recommend are just for your reference. (Attention: Please remember exactly which terminal (usually terminal 3, 2 or 1 according to different airlines) you arrive from, or which station (usually Beijing, Beijing-West, and Beijing-South for railways), for your departure convenience later on). It takes around one hour from Beijing Airport to Zhongguan Xinyuan of Peking University.

Method A: By taxi: Please do not accept any individual solicitation for a ride upon your arrival, but directly go to the offical site for TAXI AERA in the airport, and then take a taxi to West Gate of Zhongguan Xinyuan, which is just on the opposite side of the South-East Gate of Peking University. It costs about 120-150 RMB including highway fee 10 RMB. The guest-hotel is No.1 Building or No.9 Building of Zhongguan Xinyuan according to your hotel arrangement.

Suggested route for drivers: from Airport Highway through Fourth Ring Road and then go out the highway from Zhongguancun exit (Baofushi Bridge), go ahead along the side-road of Fourth Ring Road until a big across (with circled overline-bridges for people), then turn right to the Zhongguancun North Street (there are a few small streets with similar name, but with numbers (Yi=1, Er=2 in Chinese) in the name, don't go these directions) for around 500 meters, and then you find a gate with a Chinese sign: Zhongguan Xinyuan of Peking University, then go ahead for about 80 meters and turn to the right to find No.1 Building for checking in and living, or go ahead until the end of the road (around 200 meters), then turn left for 50 meters to find the No.9 Building for checking in and living at the guest hotel according to your hotel arrangement.

Method B: By Airport Bus (am 5:30-pm 10:00): Please buy ticket (about 24 RMB) at desk of Beijing Airport Bus, and then stop at Zhongguan Cun (The last stop of Airport Bus No.5 with introduction in Chinese and with introduction in English), you can take a taxi to go to Zhongguan Xinyuan (costs around 14 RMB) or by walk (around three kilometers), going forward in the same direction as the bus comes from (on the right hand side of Fourth Ring Road) for abouth 1500 meters until a big cross with circled overline-bridges, and then turn right at Zhongguancun North Street.

Method C (not recommended, too many transfers): from Beijing Airport Metro (25 RMB for ticket) and stop at Shanyuanqiao, then take Beijing Metro Line 10 (to Bagou diretion) to Haidian Huangzhuang station, and then transfer (no new ticket needed) to Beijing Subway (Metro) Line 4 (To the direction Anheqiao North from inner city): stop at the East Gate of Peking University, and then go out through south-east exit (exit C) of this station, then find the north gate or west gate for Zhongguan Xinyuan along the roads (both directions on the same sides of the exit), and then try to find No.1 Building or No.9 Building of Zhongguan Xinyuan according to your hotel arrangement.

Additional hotels near the conference site that we recommend are:

Wenjin Hotel (20 minutes to the conference site by foot): http://www.wenjin.com.cn/en/index.html.

Friendship Hotel (by Subway Line 4 from Renmin University to East Gate of Peking University, the third stop, within 10 minutes on board): http://www.bjfriendshiphotel.com/

Hotels from Ctrip hotel booking system (recommend to book hotels along Subway Line 4 for convenience to arrive at the East Gate of Peking University): http://www.ctrip.com/

If you plan to stay at one of these hotels, you will need to make your own reservation.